Wind turbine project

The generated electricity will provide a net metering credit from National Grid, which will reduce the electricity bills for both government and residential customers across the Cattaraugus Territory.  The primary purpose of the project is to reduce the Cattaraugus residents' electricity bills to rates comparable with those paid by Allegany residents to the Salamanca BPU.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Seneca Nation has constructed a 1.5 MW wind turbine near the Cattaraugus Bingo Hall and Gil Lay Arena. Simply stated, a wind turbine harnesses the power of the wind to produce electricity.
No, electricity will NOT be free. Cattaraugus residents will receive a flat rate credit on their NGRID bill ($25/mo.). Customers will be expected to continue to pay NGRID for the electricity that is consumed.
You will receive the credit against your utility charges from NGRID. Your bill will be reduced by the flat rate credit amount. A monthly credit of $25 equates to approximately 25% ‐ 30% savings (based off avg. household electricity consumption).
Every month that you are registered for the program for the entire life of the wind turbine. The turbine is expected to operate for 25 years.
Please fill out the registration card and return it to Cattaraugus Utilities or the William Seneca Building Receptionist. You may also mail it to 12837 Route 438 Irving, New York 14081. Residents wishing to sign up must be in good standing with NGRID and continue to pay their electricity bill as usual.
Residents will not be eligible for the $25 monthly credit if there is an outstanding balance with the Utility.
The credit will automatically be applied to your NGRID bill as an ACH payment of $25.
Over its expected lifetime of 20 to 25 years, the project will result in a reduction of 86 million pounds of carbon dioxide, 1.6 million pounds of sulfur dioxide, and 170,000 pounds of nitrogen dioxide. The project would also result in a reduction of mercury vapor.
No, you won’t want to increase your usage significantly. The credit amount that you receive will not change if you increase your usage.
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The Wind Turbine Project has been operational since March 8, 2017!

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