Solar array project

This project accomplishes a number of Seneca Energy and SNI’s goals, which are to become more energy self-sufficient as well as reducing energy costs for the Nation and its residents.  The Allegany solar array will add to SNI’s renewable energy portfolio and reduce the dependence on outside utility companies and power generators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, electricity will NOT be free. Initially, Steamburg/Allegany/Killbuck residents will receive a $25 credit on their NGRID bill, as long as they are in good standing with National Grid.
No, you won’t want to increase your usage significantly. The credit received will be a flat rate amount of $25 each month.
Steamburg residents will be eligible for the credit on a monthly basis for the life of the solar field, as long as they are in good standing with National Grid. The current projection is a 25 – 30 year lifecycle for this project.
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Project status

The Solar Array Project is online and has been connected to the grid since October, 2017!

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