Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

Seneca Energy has installed LED lights at numerous buildings throughout the Cattaraugus and Allegany Territories. LED lighting helps reduce electric consumption and costs at the Nation! This enhanced lighting is also brighter and less maintenance, making these projects a great investment. The LED projects average approximately a three-year payback period with light bulb lifecycles of 8+ yrs. All new construction includes LED lighting.

LEDs installed by Seneca Energy at the following buildings.

  • William Seneca Building
  • Cattaraugus Utilities / DPW Building
  • Allegany DPW Building
  • Cattaraugus Community Center
  • Allegany Community Center
  • Sully Huff Building
  • Gil Lay Arena
  • Saylor Building
  • USDA Building
  • TIS Building
  • All outdoor lighting on the Allegany and Cattaraugus Territory

The Benefits of the energy-efficient LED upgrades are:

  • Reduced electric consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Helps achieve future sustainability goals
  • Increased public safety
  • Improved building aesthetics
  • Saves money on electric bills

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